Vision Utility Mapping
Underground Utility Detection & Mapping (UUMS)

Vision Karisma is an innovative, successful and growing company. We base our success on our dedicated staff delivering quality services to meet our client individuals requirements. Our staff have over 15 years experience in Underground Utility Detection and Mapping.

Vison Karisma apply a variety of different skills and technology to undertake every aspect of Utility Mapping. We are fully committed to the principles of this standard and have consequently implemented systems within our company that contribute to us delivering a first class services to you the client.

Utility Detection is the process of accurately Locating and identifying the pipes, cables and ducting of buried utilities, including but not limited to electricity, gas, water, communications, sewers and drainage. Meanwhile, Utility Mapping is the process of accurately surveying and plotting the position and depth of the detected Utilities.

Our expertise in this area includes:

• Detect and Locate Metal and Non Metal Utility – Gas Pipe, Water Pipe, Electric Cable and Telecom Cable.
• Digital Data Mapping

Striking underground services such as water mains, LV/HV cables and gas mains,is a risk inherent in activities on the majority of construction sites.Some of the potential consequences of such service strikes are:

• Accidents resulting in injury(s) or fatality(s)
• Downtime leading to program delays and financial penalties
• Damage to plant/machinery
• Adverse impact on the day-to-day business operations and image of clients
• Significant repair costs
• Increased insurance premiums and an adverse effect on company insurance rating
• Damage to contractors reputation within the industry

It is our job to set a new culture in finding & recording underground services.All survey work & utility location will be feed back to the independent utility owner for their records to be up dated.

When a permanent record is required we also provide drawings of the site.We first mark-out the position (locate the underground utility), depth and utility type on the ground surface in colour coded biodegradable paint.

The data is recorded by our topographic surveyors and the information is transposed to an AutoCAD drawing.Fixed features on the ground such as kerb lines, building outlines, access chambers are shown so the underground information can be easily referenced to the above ground fixed features.Drawings are presented in electronic dwg. or dxf. files on CD and on hard copy. They can be produced as original drawings or incorporated into existing site or utility drawings as a separate layer in AutoCAD format.

Other information you should know about our Vision Utility Mapping

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