Central to our strategy is helping clients deal with new economy; but we are not alone in recognizing these needs. Executing our strategy with a passion is what will set us apart from the competition. Old rules no longer apply; it cannot be “be business as usual”.
We offer a broad range of disciplines and competencies.

Vision Karisma has identified non-mediocre market offerings that are the doorways through which client enter our firm. These are not service categories or new internal structures, nor do they eliminate service lines or industry offering. Rather they are intended to call attention to the fact that we have deep skills beyond those traditional associated with the firms such as us.

These are the offering that we want clients to associate with Vision Karisma as facets of our brand. Each is equal in terms of emphasis and presentation. Together, they form the basis of our integrated solutions.

Unique programs

  • News Feed
  • Psychology Test
  • Training Courses
  • Utility Detection