Key Players

We are group of versatile and smart entrepreneur, consultative and business problem- solver. You can count on us, because we are noble to ensure your business operate more efficiently and effectively with our solutions!
With our complementary skills, we committed to a common purpose and set a specific performance goals. To realize our vision, we are flexible and adapt to constant change.

    Management Team & Company Details

    Faridah Hanim Bt Khairuddin
    (Master of Highway and Transportation Engineering, University Putra Malaysia)
    Executive Director

    NoorJuliana Bt Khairuddin
    B.Sc (Hons.) IT Multimedia, University Kebangsaan Malaysia
    Director, Strategic Management

    Aznizam Bin Zakaria
    Project Manager, Utility Mapping

    Shahrul Nizam Bin Khairuddin
    Technical Manager

    Hazrul Uza Bin Yaacob
    Senior Moderator, Adventure Learning

    Prof. Madya Dr. Rusinah Bt. Siron
    Affiliate Speaker & Advisor

    Company Details

    Company Reg. No : 001659891-H
    Ministry Of Finance (M.O.F) Reg. No : 357-02100609
    Bumiputera Status : BP220660

    We are member of N.E.F (Malaysian Association of Bumiputera ICT Industry and Entrepreneurs)

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