About Us

Vision Karisma is a fully owned Bumiputra company and incorporated in year 2007 with prime objective to provide services in human resources skill development, management, leadership and ethics.Over the challenging time, we sustained and our market offering growth to wide range of consultancy on global services in order to improve our customers business by providing great services, profitability and quality of work life.

The world is changing. We are living in a new age of electronic marketing and information-intensive. The new economy is not just about e-commerce or digital technology, though they are part of it. Rather, the new economy is bringing about a fundamental change in the way people work and live. It’s driven by globalization, technology,visionary the increasing importance of tangible assets and the new generation of people entering workplace.


To be the partner for success on the new economy. This underlies our commitment to becoming the premier consultant and strategist in the new economy.


We set a purpose as professional to enhance the business and the lives of our clients.To build relationship and develop innovative solutions, which help dynamic people and organizations create and realize value.


Our success attitude driven by core desires, direction, proper action and persistence.
Our management performances are above mediocrity influenced by ability and motivation.

Underpinning our company and diligent work is a set of values and behaviors we strive towards. Learn more about our corporate values

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